Thursday, January 31, 2008

Most Proud of Our Team...

  • It's official! Brandon Roy is an All Star, named as one of the 7 reserves for the Western Conference. This couldn't have happened to a better guy or a better team, and further shows how much this team has progressed from its dark days. They interviewed Brandon on TNT, and he spoke how much he respected the team, his coach, his decision to stay at Washington for four years and learn more from his coach, and the vibe of the Trail Blazers resurgence. It's going to be an honor watching him play with the league's best players, and it just validates what is happening here.
  • The Portland Beavers announced they have changed their colors, logo and uniforms for the 2008 season. It shows committment from the ownership to try and establish an identity for baseball by reaching back to the past. No city has had PCL baseball longer than Portland, dating back to 1903, and the city has a rich tradition and history for it. I do recall being in the stands when Crash McCray earned his nickname, watched Fernando Valenzuela try to resurrect his career, and some great playoff baseball as well, but the city has many more baseball nuggets in its past. I'm not 100 percent sold on the newest Beaver, he looks more like a seal to me, but that's just my thought. Otherwise, the new uniforms look classic, not cluttered, and distinctive.
  • In recapping the Trail Blazers game last night, something struck me that I hadn't thought before. I'm a bit tired of the referrees swallowing their whistles when the game is on the line. It's one thing to let guys play and make plays, but when there's an obvious call to make, they overlook it. For the record, Michael Jordan pushed off against the Jazz, and Lebron took three steps last night versus us. It's not sour grapes, it's simply enforcing the rules for everyone equally.
  • When did Portland become such a pedestrian crazy city? I had an incident driving in this morning, where I was making a right hand turn near my house. I looked at oncoming traffic and the light, and not seeing anyone, proceeded to make my turn. Apparently there was someone behind the light post because suddendly, the intersection had a person. I stopped in time, but then he proceeded to point at the crosswalk sign and then walk very very slowly in front of me. I looked at the light, and he never pressed the button, but yes, pedestrians have right of way in some cases. But then again, I have never encountered so many people walking in front of cars, walking in traffic, generally expecting people to stop and then seem surprised when they don't immediately. I admit, I am not the most observant driver at some times, but I'm getting a lot better. I spent many years walking, riding, and using transit to get about, and I felt that pedestrians were pretty good partners in sharing the road. Living in NW Portland, though, changed that philosophy, as people darted out from in between cars, shopping carts slid through intersections, bike riders repeatedly ran lights, and it was basic anarchy of the road. Now that I live near MAX, it's the same thing as people run for trains, not paying attention to cars but expecting them to stop. Maybe I'm missing something here, but shouldn't the road be shared by everyone and everyone follow the rules of the road? Make yourself visible to cars if you are walking or riding, and cross where it's safe, not just where it's convenient. And driving means driving, not talking on your phone, texting, or reading a book or the paper.
  • I truly feel like an old person yelling about kids being on the lawn after the last comment, but I do feel better about venting. Apparently, obsessing, not sharing feelings or overthinking is a bad thing, while being resilient and adaptable is good. Maybe Dr. Phil is onto something?
See you all in the funny papers.

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