Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Update

  • The Trail Blazers continue their insane 7 game road trip with a loss on Saturday at Orlando and a crazy win in OT today in Atlanta. I was working today, so I huddled at my desk with the NBA ticker going while working. As I was typing along, I'd check the game and saw it was a very tight battle all the way. And then Travis Outlaw hit another game winning shot, and suddenly, it was me dancing in my cube scaring some of my fellow employees. Whatever, it's a holiday and I'm excited for more than just being able to wear jeans at work.
  • The Trail Blazers also are getting great love in the press from ESPN. One article has the story of them visiting the Atlanta YMCA during the MLK holiday weekend. Most of the team was there voluntarily during an off day between games, chatting with the kids that go there all the time, playing hoops, and learning more about a great man and a significant historical figure. I don't put much weight into athletes saying they aren't role models, as kids and adults look up to sports figures and in many cases, choose to root for someone based on things besides talent. I don't think you could go wrong rooting for anyone on this team, especially after reading this piece.
  • ESPN's power rankings also give the Trail Blazers some love as they remain in the top 10. Apparently, those that think this team is going to implode might just have to keep waiting.
  • The Timbers schedule is out finally, and overall I'm happy about it. Lots of games on Thursdays at PGE which makes for really long Fridays at work, but overall crowds attend Timbers games better on Thursdays so I can't fault the schedulers for that. I am going to miss a couple of the early games due to my honeymoon, but hey, I think going to England with the love of my life and seeing some BPL action while I'm there isn't so bad.
  • Went to the Winterhawks game on Saturday night, and was extremely disappointed in the experience. I used to attend games a lot in the past, as the team was talented and the ticket prices weren't too terribly priced. But as the costs rose and the team struggled, I found other ways to get my sports fix. Getting some free tickets, I was hopeful to see them in action, and see if coming back was an option. The team had a decent first period, keeping the score level, but then they got drilled with 5 goals in the second period as they played lackluster hockey with very little passion at all. The only saving graces were the Dash for Cash in the second intermission, and a late goal to make the score more respectable. I'm not sure what happened, but I've never seen a Hawks team play with such little passion and energy ever, especially in a rival game versus the Seattle Thunderbirds. It's too bad, because the crowd was pretty loud, despite the antics on the ice. I'm hoping the team pulls it together, but their current record puts them at worst in the WHL. These fans deserve something a bit better, and I'm hoping it starts up soon. Otherwise, the loud fans may find their outlet somewhere else.
Peace oot for now.


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