Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday's calvalcade of stuff

  • The Portland Trail Blazers won again tonight in Miami, and the game was one of the more exciting I've seen in a while. Nobody really dominated, rather it was a serious of scoring runs back and forth. However, the young Blazers matched up well tonight, made good shots when it counted, and held off the charging Heat to win 99 to 91. The team also got some love from ESPN the Magazine and Sports Illustrated this week nationally, and ESPN also carried tonight's game. I guess the secret is starting to get out.
  • Been spending my days lately working on wedding invites for the big April event. I honestly didn't know I knew so many people, but leave it to putting together a list and you realize how many folks you interact with on a daily basis. Then, go through the uncomfortable process of comparing the numbers on the list with the number of seats you have at your hall, and try to manage not offending anyone while finalizing the list. I will say this much, our invites are truly one of a kind.
  • Tough week around the work stead, and I think the new year's cheer has finally worn off and people are returning to normal behavior. I remember reading the guy's book about all you needed to know you learned in kindergarten, and how many people forget the simple lessons - treat people with respect like you would expect; don't steal other people's food especially if it's special diet food; when the bathroom says for handicapped use only, don't get pissy when security gets mad at you cause you are able bodied but can't read; respect people's time by meeting deadlines instead of crafting an elaborate excuse that only an out of work Hollywood writer could come up with. But hey it's Friday, and I'm not working for a few days.
  • I bowl each week with some Timbers Army folks in the local Big Turkey Bowling League on Tuesdays. We've had fun doing this for about 3 years now, mostly cause the league is rather different: 6 week seasons, theme nights now and then, crazy prizes, and usually loud and crazy fun. The best part of the league was the 3 spares or 3 strikes gets you a free beer rule, but apparently this violated the laws of nature or the liquor guys whatever is worse. Tomorrow night, the team is getting together to watch the Portland Winterhawks play their arch rival Shittle Thunderchickens. While the Hawks aren't playing well, it's a rival game and so I expect good things to happen. But it will be fun none the less, because we are going because our team got the most prize tickets in last bowling terms' consolation round. A bonding experience over hockey and beer, could be fun.
Enjoy your MLK weekend all, talk to you next week.

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