Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Been Entirely Too Long

I could hear the cobwebs on this site for quite a bit of time, but it's not like I haven't thought of things to write about. There's plenty of things going on that frustrate me or I wanted to highlight, but life got in the way. When I say life, I mean, house projects, my other blog, soccer, work, time with friends, time with my wife, time with the cats, television shows, exercise, and whatever else could be thrown in there.
I love writing this blog simply because it gives me a chance to talk about things in an environment that is condusive to my approach in dealing with problems. I like to process things and figure things out before making big decisions, and well, even smallish things, and so writing helps me sort things out. Sometimes, the process helps me find out how completely absurd life it, while at other points, it underscores the importance of certain aspects. But the biggest thing my break has taught me is simply that we live in a world full of irony.
We crave technology to make us closer with the world at hand, having smart phones and hand held computers that allow us instant access to pretty much everything. Yet, for all this access, it's easy to build a life outside of any real human contact. My wife has a profile on a certain social site and all of her friends are simply people she knows, and she won't friend anyone she doesn't know or has a conversation with. I looked at the same site, and I can say that I've tried to follow the same thing, even though there are friends on my list that I haven't spoken with in quite some time. It's not that I don't care about these people, but it's more of a matter of having time to do everything you want in a day.
I don't care how organized a person can be, because if you can be on top of everything in your life at all points at all times, I challenge you to say this isn't a person that has so much attempted control over life, they're risking ulcers or a heart attack just trying to keep things on track. I've tried to live my life like that for a long time, and it's caused me a lot of headaches and frustration. I'm trying to live more in the moment of things, and not let life's stupidity drag me down. Because people will be selfish, petty and ignorant, and I'm finding the more I try and deal with that, the less time I have to deal with people and situations that I do care about. And the more I try to fight against certain aspects of things, the more I realize that some fights just aren't worth it. Some idiots want to be right all the time and do what they want, be it drive while texting or speeding in their car or eating their life away one fatburger at a time.
I'm not going to allow folks to take advantage, but at the same time, life deserves more to be lived and less about making sure the perfect plan is in place. And it's important to find your place and people in life. And so, you might find that this blog might have a lot of time between entries at points. It's got nothing more to do with anything than just simply I'm living life instead of hunkering in front of a PC to spill my guts about things. I'm sure there will be things that pop up from time to time, as I have something on the hopper about baseball in town and I want to talk more about Portland's future or lack thereof, but for now, I'm going to get to a bit of living, even with the rain crashing down on me.

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