Friday, July 17, 2009

It's The Weekend, and there's still a baseball buzz, but it's game day!!

I've never been so happy for the weekend to be here, because it's been a rather crazy week. With trying to clean up from the Row N movie fest, keep up with work, baseball games this week and my other blogging job, I've been crazy busy. And tonight, girl and I are heading to see Death Cab For Cutie at Edgefield. For me, this is my fifth time seeing them, and at least for me, I either see an incredible band with some great musical performances OR an incredibly distracted bunch of musicians that aren't sure what's going on. My hope is that tonight, it's more of the former, because they do play some incredibly complex and beautiful songs. I've spent a lot of time at Edgefield, but never seen a show there, so I'm looking forward to it.
Baseball is still in the wheelhouse of some local sports fans, including one guy that can't understand why baseball is being moved from PGE Park. The author can't figure out the numbers, and can't figure out why we are shunning baseball. Well, I could go through all of the trouble to refute the article, but somebody has already done it for me. Baseball has a wonderful history here, and deserves a park that works for Triple AAA baseball, but right now, PGE Park is too big for baseball, and lacks some important things that would help baseball.
The Timbers are in Miami this weekend for two games, which is the first time we've seen the Blues this year. This is one of two trips the Timbers are making (or have made) to play teams back east, and we play Miami tonight and Sunday on the road trip. The Blues are sitting in the middle of the pack with 6 wins, 6 losses and 2 draws, playing just 14 games this year. So far this year, they've either been blown out or blow out other teams, which is characteristic of their operation. They play fast with lots of flair, and initiate a lot of contact and fall down quite a bit if they are bumped, essentially like most South American and Latin teams. The Timbers have done pretty well down in Miami, it should be a matter of how they deal with the heat.
You can watch the game on USL Live, listen to broadcast at the Portland Timbers site, or visit the Soccer City USA website for information about various viewings around town. Go to the Game Day Chat thread, and then check out the Away Game Viewing - Pub Guide thread. There are at least 4 locations in town showing the match and some of them are all ages friendly. It might be a good way to avoid the heat coming to town this weekend.

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