Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Game Day!!!

According to reports on 95.5 The Game this morning, tonight's Timbers - Flounders match is a sell out. Yes, you heard that right, it's officially sold out. If you had thoughts of getting tickets as walk up, you'll need to deal with the scalpers, which will be out, but otherwise, it's a full house. And I am extremely happy about that, because normally Open Cup matches aren't very well attended, but of course, this one has a bit more spice to it.
A good piece in today's Oregonian about the Timbers and some of them talks about players either harboring MLS dreams or wanting to show MLS clubs they can play during tonight's match. For the first two rounds, the Timbers have been the target, playing lower division clubs with the expectation to win. Tonight, they are the underdogs so to speak, but I think only in the respect of the league they play in. As evidenced by last night's scores, anything can happen in this tournament and usually does. Last year, the Timbers were victim of an early round upset by an amateur team, the first time that had ever happened in this competition because they underestimated their foes. Last night, two USL D-2 team advanced against MLS competition. Talent wise, there might be better individual players in some aspects at MLS, and MLS teams enjoy better facilities, more amenities, and TV exposure. But this is why they play the game, and I don't expect that the Flounders are looking past the Timbers in the least. Both sides know exactly what tonight means.
Some tidbits from the Times in the land up north, apparently, the Flounders want to wear their puke green kits, while the Timbers will wear all green, so apparently, it's the battle of the green unless the officials say otherwise. I don't expect us to relent on this, so this should be interesting as we get closer to game time. I'm going to be down there early with girl and her mom, because tonight will be something truly special. See you all there, and RCTID!!

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