Monday, June 29, 2009

Odd Tidbits Before Wednesday's Match

I'll post all sorts of links about Wednesday for some light reading, especially things from up north.

Apparently, FC Puke Green will be known as FC Flounder Blue on Wednesday, as they are wearing all blue for Wednesday. Still no word on starters or key players making their way down, though, but apparently there are 400 confirmed Podites coming down. PGE Park is capping attendance at 16,000, so as of right now per Merritt Paulson, there are just over 2,000 tickets left. Paulson appeared on Strong at Night to pitch the game. It's good to see that many folks coming down for the fun.

But apparently, some of the members of FC Flounder Blue can't understand why they are so reviled in Portland. I suppose it's everything to do with Timbers Army fans being mistreated by the park security for many years, watching the players push the boundaries of fair play all the time with cheap shots, fake injuries, grabbing themselves in plain sight, and stepping on a Timber player's neck while he laid on the turf. Many of these things I've seen personally, and while they may not understand it, I understand it's what rivals do to their rival opponents to intimidate and try to gain a reaction. I can't tell you how many times they have come to PGE Park and made us wear different colors than our traditional green because they didn't have alternate kits available. It's gamesmanship, and while I wouldn't expect anything less from a rival, it makes me want our boys to destroy them Wednesday night. and Roger LeDouche may be a nice guy to his teammates, but he's classless to his opponents.

Even the MLS folks have picked up on the scale of this match. Seriously, if you are any type of sports fan and want to come see a rivalry game at its best, get to PGE Park and check out Wednesday's match. It will be epic, in a good or bad way. My instincts tell me it will be a good way for the Green and White...

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