Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Articles About Wednesday's Epic Match

To balance out the coverage for the match, which based on yesterday's entries was very Flounder specific, I've found a couple of articles from Timbers country to share. The Portland Tribunue provides an update, including the first mention I've seen of players that won't make the trip. Brad Evans and Tyrone Marshall are out on National Team duty, Osvaldo Alonzo is banged up with an abdomen, and Steve Zakuani may or may not play, but knowing MLS teams, they keep a good depth of players, so there will be plenty of players available for the Flounder blue. We should also expect some players that haven't seen much action for the MLS side, but could really fill in during a "friendly game" like this. I suppose this means more of the LeDouche twins, and less of Keller perhaps.
Oregon Live also has a good write up of the match, including a story about Timbers coach/GM Gavin Wilkinson and his experience with the Timbers - Flounders rivalry. There have been a lot of bumps and bruises from these matches, and I wouldn't expect anything different from Wednesday's match. There's also some quotes from Zach Scott and one of the LeDouche twins, including more on why he's so disliked down here and one of the darker days in Timbers history. That is a day that I won't soon forget, and it definitely changed the relationship with the fans and the front office for the better, as the lines of communication opened and we now have a strong bond to help the team grow and thrive.
And right now, there's roughly 31 hours until game time, and I can't wait.

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