Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Finally Done

Ok, the blog has been a rather quiet place lately, not for lack of ideas to talk about. I mean, the thoughts I've pondered about lately were (in no particular order): hearing the most disturbing song remakes (Why remake Eye in the Sky?), bemusing about the lack of originality in television, why steriods aren't just a sports issue, why I like the rain, why coffee is good, and the crazy things men think of before getting married. But as I tried to find time to write, there were more and more wedding tasks that came up to do, and the blog took a back seat.

I know that girl was just as busy as I was, probably more so because she did more of the crafts for the tables. I didn't go into this thinking it would a competition of who was most busy, but the number of decisions about this and that even amazed me and my job daily gives me dozens of times to make decisions. What I was most impressed about was that while we wanted the ceremony to be nice, we were more concerned about making sure people had fun. Honestly, the committment between us was made long before we said our vows on April 5th. Neither of us went into this with blinders on.

People have said they enjoyed our wedding for a multitude of reasons. Maybe it was the free alcohol, maybe it was the amazing speech that Obi gave as my best man, maybe it was seeing Timber Jim speak about lessons of the heart, maybe it was the near destruction of a blown up orca, maybe it was the great pies because we didn't want cake, maybe it was the comic relief during the ceremony, or maybe it was the location. But I think the biggest reason that people enjoyed it was because we made it our own ceremony our own way. There were some traditional elements going on, but let's face it, there were many things that made this ceremony unique.

If I could give advice to anyone getting married, I would start by saying that you should listen to each other about what you want in the ceremony, and then be prepared to discuss things and compromise on some things as well. Assume some things will happen that you aren't expecting, and have back up plans just in case things change. But the biggest thing to remember is to make the ceremony your own with some personal touches. I remember going to a lot of weddings during my 20's and many of them melded together because they were all the same - colors, music, unity candles, songs. Not that I want to fault anyone for their choices, but when you plan a party for people, it's nice to make it somewhat memorable.

There have been a couple of links for pictures from the ceremony. Right now, I'm getting prepared for our overseas honeymoon trip to Sunderland, Rome and London. We get to see a couple of BPL matches, see some friends, see some parts of the world I haven't seen, and generally relax after the ceremony. So the blog will again go dormant only for a short time. I promise to write more when I return next month. In the mean time, avoid lousy remakes, drink coffee, and love everyone.


oooh yeah's bundle of pictures.

Allison's wedding pictures.

Steve's bundle of pictures

Talk to you all soon.


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