Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Not the Only One Who Noticed

There is a great discussion about soccer in the Pacific Northwest and the soccer culture in the blog Pitch Invasion, and it very much captures what is going on with the Timbers and FC Puke Green. Granted, it's a rousing success up north, and they are getting tons of new fans, but it's not quite the experience that I would prefer in watching soccer. That being said, I do have a small concern that some things will change for the Timbers when they reach MLS in 2011, and there might be some long time fans upset by it. Reaching the fans is something that all teams must do, and you need to do it in the right way, and I'm confident Merritt and his team will find a package that doesn't alientate the ardent supporters yet attracts new fans.

We are top of the the league, yea, we are top of the league. 20 game unbeaten streak and counting!!! I'll have some of my thoughts about it in my other blog home, but now I need to get ready to head to a Mode show!! Should be an interesting time, and I'm actually looking forward to it!!

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